Even grandparents can have adventures!

The birth of Donnez de l'espoir à l'Ouganda

At school with a new friend

The dormitory crowded with bunk beds and bodies

Update on our trainee nurse

Lydia has spent her first week learning about the course she is to study and becoming orientated to the school environment.  She has learnt the rules of the school and has started to become integrated into the community. 

She has been elected to become Captain of her dormitory which pleased and surprised her, though I suspect could be because after a very itchy first night she realised that there were bedbugs in the dormitory and brought it to the notice of the matron to positive effect.  Not something many 17 year old would have the confidence to do. 

She has been required to get some textbooks and I have located some secondhand copies which will go with us to Uganda in January. She is also asking for a computer so I hope my old laptop will suffice. 

She is now into serious studies and I am attempting to clarify some of the things she is learning.  So far she is very committed to getting as much as possible out of her opportunities. 

Perhaps some of the nurses who are reading this might be able to offer her help if necessary.... 

Anxious moments for a determined young woman

After a weekend of doubts and stress and a somewhat sleepless night, Lydia has arrived at her home for much of the next two and a half years. 

Funny how all the advice I have handed out to new university students when I was part of the world of work, has been useful in supporting her over the past few days but she is there and with your help she is now embarking on the next stage of realising her dream of helping those who will need her skills so much in the future. 

I hope we will be able to follow her progress and continue to support her throughout her training and beyond.  She has surmounted many problems in her young life and has a clear vision of what she hopes to do. 

I can't imagine many 17 year old orphans managing to have her strength of purpose despite the anxiety she has had about this move away from friends and out of her comfort zone. 

I will keep you posted and will unashamedly be looking for further financial support to pay for her next lot of fees in January. 

Closer to home we have an appointment to open a bank account for DEO on Thursday afternoon and hope to provide details of this later this week. 

Please share this site with your friends and help us to make a difference to extremely needy people who do not have any safety net for their precarious existence. 

If you can organise a fundraising event event or sponsored something for us please let us know.  Your donation could help bring water and a clinic to a Bush village, or provide sanitary protection to girls to enable them to continue at school.  You could sponsor a child or young person's education or training. 

Rest assured that however little you can give will be of benefit to people with so little. 

Thank you so much for reading this 

Bottom bed in the dormitory

Lydia's school of nursing

Lydia begins her nursing course tomorrow

You have helped to do this!

Lydia, the young lady we met in Masaka, is commencing her nursing course tomorrow.  We have, between us, raised the fees payment for her first semester and something towards the massive list of 'requirements' she is expected to provide. 

The course lasts for five semesters or two and a half years years, at which point she will be qualified. 

When we met Lydia in February this was a dream but it is now moving into becoming a reality thanks to your kindness. 

We still have to find the money for the remaining 4 semesters but this now can happen, and it is wonderful to think that she may be instrumental in changing other lives in her turn. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far and to all of you who may continue to help us to enable her to complete the course 

What can you do for us? What can we offer you?

We are beginning to organise events and activities which we hope might be of interest to you.  Our first major event will be a musical afternoon with 5 different musicians and a raffle.  There will also be a short introduction to our association and the opportunity for you to tell us about the sort of activities you would like to see in future 

  You will be able to bring your picnic and drinks and enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the cost of only 5 euros per person. 

If anyone has any raffle prizes to donate we would be grateful to hear from you. 


If you are not near us in France how about organising a fundraising event of your own? What about giving something up?  Get sponsorship to give up something... Stop smoking or give up alcohol for a month perhaps.  Or raise money to provide sanitary protection to young girls who, because their families can't afford to provide food, never mind sanitary protection, are forced to give up school when they begin menstruation. 

Young people in Uganda often have to walk many kilometres à day, perhaps à return trip of up to 6 kilomètres to collect water for the family before walking 3 more to get to school by 8am, then a day at school followed by a another walk home plus another trip for water and often household chores as well.  Why not be sponsored to increase your own daily exercise and get funding to help us provide a borehole nearer to the village where these children live ?


It looks as though the association Donnez de l'espoir à l'Ouganda has been accepted by the authorities.  We still have to open a bank account and complete a few other formalities but the serious issue of events and activities can now begin. 

Your participation would be greatly and gratefully appreciated in this. 

Sponsored slimming, having an alcohol free month, or a month of increasing your daily steps are all ideas you might like to get involved in. 

You might try living on a diet of rice, beans and bananas for a week or selling an item you no longer need.

If you are in our area of France would you like to come to an art afternoon with tea and cakes, or with wine and nibbles?  Or a bring and share evening meal with music.  Do you have any other ideas? 

We have ideas and now we want support and action. 

Please contact us.....